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The 30 Day MBA In Business Finance: Your Fast T...

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The 30 Day MBA In Business Finance: Your Fast T...

Are you barely able to cover the bills and your monthly expenses? Does it feel like cash is flying out of your checking account faster than you can replace it? Do you feel stuck, unsure about what to do next?

Looking to begin your real estate investing empire following in the footsteps of Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki? We have compiled decades of the best real estate investing know-how and created these real estate investment classes and workshops with the best minds in the business.

Mason's business certificates are available both as components of your MBA degree or as stand-alone options. Certificate students completing at least two certificate courses with grades of B or better will have their application requirements for the MBA degree program reduced. Certificate courses taken can be applied towards the MBA degree requirements upon acceptance into the MBA program.

The Fast Track MBA is an AACSB accredited, accelerated learning program that will take your career to the next level. Before the program ends, you will excel in business acumen, leadership coaching, confidence, and presentation skills. Through our partnership with Nashville businesses and organizations, you will have real-world training and marketable work experience to take with you as you move forward.

The directed work experience (DWE) allows you to build your network, resume, and business acumen. The DWE is a paid position that gives you marketable work experience. If you are currently employed, we can work with your current employer and give you credit for your experience. This experience allows you to apply what you're learning in the classroom while also helping fast track your career.

From: Student Council (SC)Date: October 18, 2020 Subject: Student Council - 10/18/2020 Weekly Newsletter STUDENT COUNCILWeek of October 18, 2020 HEALTH & WELLNESS WEEK KICK-OFF Health & Wellness Week will officially kick-off on Friday! Join members of the Administration, student body, and rest of the Johnson community as we come together to reset mentally and physically now that finals are over! Several clubs will be hosting events and panel discussions centered around mental health and wellness and there will be limited in-person events as well! Click here to register on Campus Groups.DON'T FORGET YOUR FLU SHOT!The deadline to receive your flu shot is fast approaching (Saturday, October 24). They've added slots on Thursday, October 29 and Friday, October 30; students who book appointments for those dates will be considered in compliance with the Cornell Behavioral Compact. You can also get your shot at Wegmans, CVS or Target CVS Pharmacy.ADD YOUR PHONE. STOP THE SPREAD. As cases in some nearby counties increase, you can contribute to the state's effort against COVID-19 by downloading a new mobile contact tracing app, COVID Alert NY. The app gives New York residents the opportunity to receive exposure alert notifications without compromising privacy or personal information. Click here to learn more! FUTURE OF MOBILITY CONFERENCE The Auto and Mobility Club at Ross School of Business is proud to announce their fifth Future of Mobility Conference. This year, the virtual conference is focused on addressing socioeconomic equity through a $6000 cash-prize case competition exploring COVID-19 and the impact on public transportation. There will also be an expert panel discussing bias and gender equity in mobility. Finally, the keynote speaker will address race and systemic issues in mobility systems. Click here to apply for the competition (due by Friday, October 23) and click the links below to register for the events: Live Case Competition: Impact of COVID-19 on public transit Gender Equity and the Future of Mobility The Historical Impact of Race and the Future of Mobility

Bloomberg Market Concepts is a 10 hour, self-paced e-learning course that provides an interactive introduction to the financial markets. The BMC


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