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Tiger Arcade Full Version Apk: A Classic Game Emulator for Android

Do you miss the games you used to play when you were a kid or you never managed to play those games because you're too young but still interested in gaming archaeology? If so, you might want to try Tiger Arcade, a game emulator for Android that allows you to play thousands of classic games from arcade machines or video consoles such as the SNES or Neo-Geo.

What is Tiger Arcade?

Tiger Arcade is an app that emulates the hardware and software of various gaming platforms, such as Capcom's CPS-1, CPS-2 and CPS-3, SNK's Neo-Geo, Sega's System 16 and System 18, and others. By using this app, you can run the games that were originally designed for these platforms on your Android device. Some of these games became true hits and others didn't really make the headlines, but they all have their charm and nostalgia value.


How to use Tiger Arcade?

To be able to make the most of Tiger Arcade, you simply need to download the ROMs (the files that contain the game data) to your device because they're not included in this APK. We can't help you out there, but we know that you can find them on the Internet without any trouble. Once you've got the games, you'll be able to play them using virtual on-screen buttons and configuring the gaming experience to adjust it to your preferences as much as possible.

Where to download Tiger Arcade?

You can download the latest version of Tiger Arcade APK from [here]. This version is 5.1.0 and it was updated on Dec 20, 2018. It has a size of 748 KB and it requires Android 4.0 or higher. It has been downloaded by more than 100 users and it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. However, be aware that this app is not available on Google Play Store, so you need to enable the option of installing apps from unknown sources on your device settings before installing it.

What are some of the games you can play with Tiger Arcade?

With Tiger Arcade, you can play a wide variety of games from different genres and eras. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Street Fighter II: The World Warrior: The legendary fighting game that revolutionized the genre and introduced iconic characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Guile.

  • Metal Slug: A series of run-and-gun games that feature cartoonish graphics, humorous animations, and explosive action.

  • The King of Fighters: A series of crossover fighting games that feature characters from SNK's franchises like Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown, and others.

  • Final Fight: A beat 'em up game that follows the adventures of Cody, Guy, and Haggar as they fight against the Mad Gear gang in Metro City.

  • Puzzle Bobble: A puzzle game that involves shooting colored bubbles at a ceiling of bubbles and matching three or more of the same color to pop them.

  • Black Tiger: A hack-and-slash platform game that follows a barbarian warrior as he fights against dragons and other mythical creatures.


Tiger Arcade is a great option for those who want to enjoy classic games on their Android devices. It offers a simple and easy-to-use interface, a large collection of games to choose from, and a customizable gaming experience. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as the need to download ROMs separately, the lack of official support from Google Play Store, and the possible legal issues regarding the emulation of copyrighted games. Therefore, we recommend that you use this app at your own risk and discretion.


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