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Best Buy Glasses Online

Once you pick out a frame, lenses, and additional options, the total can be surprisingly expensive, regardless of what kind of "sale" is going on. But since you're shopping for glasses in the first place, there's a good chance you need a new pair and will buy them anyway.

best buy glasses online


Luckily, there's a great solution to the limited style options and outrageous prices when shopping for new eyewear: buying online. Just like anything else you'd traditionally buy in-person, the internet is now the best place to pick out some new specs and save money. The online stores below can help you find glasses that fit both your style and facial structure without having to leave your home.

Its biggest benefit is the Home Try-on service. After answering questions about your face shape, preferred glasses shape, color, and material, you're able to choose a handful of frames that get sent to your home. Once they arrive, you have five days to make a decision and return the sample frames. Whether you buy one pair, multiple pairs, or none at all, the at-home service is free so long as you return them on time.

Insurance: Warby Parker accepts insurance for prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, and eye exams. You can find a list of providers here and specific directions for how to apply for reimbursement. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) that are linked to major credit card companies can also be used to purchase glasses.

Whether you're going for a trusted brand like Ray-Ban or designer glasses from Gucci, will have it. I had a pair of store-bought Ray-Bans that I loved, but once my prescription changed, I went to for the same glasses and they turned out to be cheaper.

On top of the lower costs, its Virtual Mirror makes shopping easy because you get to see yourself in the glasses. You can even find out your current prescription using the Prescription Scanner app. Read my full review on it here.

Insurance: accepts insurance from these major providers. You can also use FSA and HSA dollars to buy prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses.

Zenni got its start by producing glasses in-house but has since expanded to offer popular brand names, too. The brand has a huge selection of glasses that you can sort by gender, age, material, style, shape, and price. The site is designed so you see the glasses you're interested in rather than mindlessly scrolling through thousands of SKUs online.

Insurance: Zenni does not accept insurance, but can provide you with the information necessary for a reimbursement. However, it does accept FSA and HSA dollars for prescription eyewear, sunglasses, and eyewear accessories.

On top of the many frame options, YesGlasses offers a solid selection of lens options like anti-blue light prescription lenses, thin and ultra-thin lenses, and even polarized, tinted, mirrored, and gradient sunglasses. It makes it easy to understand the differences between the options, and which ones you should choose based on your prescription and intended use.

Insurance: YesGlasses accepts Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts(FSA) for purchasing prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, as long as your FSA or HSA account is affiliated with a major credit card. For all other insurance, YesGlasses can provide a detailed copy of the invoice so you can request reimbursement through your insurance provider.

Westward Leaning produces stylish unisex frames and prides itself on using sustainable materials, utilizing ethical business practices, and regularly donating proceeds to provide free eye exams and glasses to children in low-income areas.

They're not the cheapest glasses online (our review pairs averaged around $300 with prescription lenses), and the brand doesn't take insurance, but there is tangible value in them. The glasses are handmade and built to last, and considering you won't find such unique designs anywhere other than expensive designer luxury brands, they're worth the money to some people.

You won't get to add on specific lens options, so if you need blue-light blocking glasses or you have a strong prescription and want thinner high-index lenses, Westward Leaning isn't where you'll want to shop for your everyday glasses. If fashion is at the forefront of your concerns, you'll have no problems finding something unique and eye-catching.

EyeBuyDirect was made to offer truly affordable prices all the time. Frames start at $10 and lenses start at $20 (before applying sales promotions). All of its glasses and sunglasses are available with a variety of prescription options, including single-vision distance, reading lenses, Transitions lenses, progressives, and bifocals.

Originally, EyeBuyDirect only offered frames from its own in-house brand, but has since expanded to include top eyewear brand names. More recently, EyeBuyDirect also added a virtual try-on feature to help you see the glasses on your face before buying them.

Insurance: EyeBuyDirect does accept FSA and HSA dollars for prescription eyewear and sunglasses purchases. EyeBuyDirect doesn't take insurance, but they will provide you with detailed receipts that you can submit to your insurance provider in case you're eligible for reimbursement. However, we've found that the site's incredibly low prices make them a far better deal than the difference you'd pay at other places that do accept insurance.

If you have vision insurance, it's also worth noting to check if your online glasses retailer is covered by it. Many online shops accept most major vision insurance policies (including the ones on this list) but make sure you check with your insurance company before ordering.

If your eyewear needs don't require a visit to an actual store or a check-up with your physician, there are plenty of prescription and reading glasses to choose from online. We narrowed down a few online glasses retailers that our editors love shopping. They all make the process of perusing through online glasses stores fuss-free and convenient, and there are options on the list that fit every budget.

Why we like it: Beverly Hills-based ophthalmologist Alexander Knezevic, MD, recommends Zenni for its low price point. The online retailer offers a wide variety of prescription glasses, many of which are under $30, with some frames priced as low as $10. The company has even teamed with A-listers, including Iris Apfel as well as buzzy brands like Cynthia Rowley. While the wide variety of options can feel intimidating, customers can sort by color, face shape, new releases, and best-sellers. Narrow down your results by filtering according to size, shape, and/or material. Still need help picking the right frame? Use the virtual try-on tool or watch one of the tutorial videos to gain additional insight. Blue-light glasses and sunglasses are also available.

Why we like it: Felix Gray is best known for its signature light lenses (which are included in each frame at no extra cost). Each pair also has double-sided, anti-glare coating and UVA/UVB protection. When it comes to frame selection, expect a variety of contemporary picks.

Why we like it: Sapphire Eyewear was founded by optometrist Seamus Flynn, MD, and his wife, Dearbhaile Collins. The company sells prescription and non-prescription blue light glasses with anti-reflective coatings, as well as sunglasses and transition lenses. Sapphire Eyewear also has phone service and live chat support seven days a week, allowing customers to speak directly to an optometrist before ordering their frames. The virtual try-on tool is also helpful when it comes to selecting frames. And, as an added bonus, for every product purchased, Sapphire Eyewear donates a pair of glasses to the Mission for Vision charity.

Why we like it: Barner has honed in on a niche that we can all probably benefit from right now: blue-light protection. The brand exclusively offers blue-light glasses, which can be customized with prescription lenses. Each collection is inspired by a particular city, and while the aesthetic, overall, errs on the more artsy side, the frames have a fun yet classic appeal to suit a range of style preferences. There are also options available for kids, a virtual try-on feature, and a 15 percent discount for students.

Why we like it: LensCrafters has options for online and IRL shoppers alike. You can scour through hundreds of frames from name brands like Armani Exchange, Vogue Eyewear, and Versace, plus, frame and lens packages start at $99. If you're in need of a new prescription or eye care visit, step into one of LensCrafters' brick-and-mortar stores across the country for a variety of eye exams, and proceed to shop through handfuls of designer frames.

A fourth generation family run company, Peepers was born out of the desire to create light-spirited, upbeat eyewear. Potentially, the best place to buy prescription glasses online, Peepers carries a wide assortment of prescription and non-prescription lenses. These include readers, blue light, progressives, and sun glasses. Peepers carries countless options for those who prefer standard or neutral frames, but where Peepers shines is in its wide array of colorful, unique, and vibrant choices. Customers can choose from bright orange, rainbow gradients, translucent colors, and animal prints to name just a few. Perhaps even more enticing is that blue light glasses start as low as $29, and progressives start as low as $39. Peepers offers both polarized and standard options for sunglasses, too. The company offers virtual try-on through its website so you can preview your new specs before bringing them home. Peepers is undoubtedly one of the best sources for low-cost, high-quality eyewear, especially if you like to match your glasses to your outfit or to your mood. 041b061a72


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