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Symantec Backup Exec 2012 is one integrated product that protects virtual and physical environments, simplifies both backup and disaster recovery, and offers unmatched recovery capabilities. Powered by Symantec V-Ray technology, Backup Exec 2012 restores entire servers, critical Microsoft applications, and VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments to dramatically minimize business downtime.

Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Crack |BEST| 39 11

I had the same problem with Backup Exec 2012, but fixed after calling symantec support. First make sure that no backup jobs associated with the disk. second try the following command :

So right now i have two solutions I can think of either disabling SEPM SQL Service every night before I wanna do a backupexec job or just trying to remove backupexec, endpoint and sql and reinstalling them from scratch.

So I finally got this fixed. I was messing around with some of the settngs last night. I noticed that the TCP ports for symantec backup exec were empty and set to dynamic while i had SEPM set to TCP Port 1435. So I just set Symantec Backup Execs TCP Ports to 1433 and No More conflicts. No more SQL Writer errors.

Today , when I tried to backup one of our server (Lotus Sametime), Backup exec could not browse the server, When I checked at client server, backup remote agent service was not starting giving following error.

Symantec has turned data center backup into a turnkey operation. When the CRN Test Center posted its review of Symantec Backup Exec 2012 last year, we praised the software for its vastly improved user interface and new ability to back up all things virtual in the data center. The company further simplifies disaster recovery with Backup Exec 3600, a fully licensed Windows Server with Backup Exec pre-installed. The solution skips the time and intricacies of setting up a Windows Server and can be making backups of physical and virtual images within minutes of plugging it in.

Creating and restoring backups doesn't get much easier than with Backup Exec 2012. This powerful point-and-click environment introduced last year provides automated off-premise backup and recovery of physical and virtual systems running Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. To create a backup set, simply select a type, source, destination and frequency/schedule. A "Test Run" button confirms the job will run properly. Color-coded status bars indicate the health of running jobs. 350c69d7ab


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