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the overarching objective of the expanded care and support (ecs) project was to prepare participants to meet their clients needs and reduce the likelihood of clients leaving the ecs program. the specific objectives of the current study were to use data from multiple sources to assess the level of satisfaction of participants with their ecs case managers and determine what variables (such as client race, ethnicity, highest level of education completed, and client criminal history) were associated with case manager satisfaction. data were from 70 ecs participants (of 110) and their case managers who responded to the questionnaires. the results indicate that the level of client satisfaction with their case manager is low and not associated with age, sex, income, race, ethnicity, or criminal history.


in the body of this report, we have attempted to capture the complexity of the relationships between hiv and hiv service provision. each of the reports is tailored to cover a specific or related topic; they all are designed to help policy makers, researchers, funders, funders, service providers, and service users to piece together a better picture of the state of hiv service provision in the u.s. across the country as well as how the federal government is currently providing support for hiv service providers.

this report is meant to provide an update to the reader. it is true that the data indicate a decline in the number of persons living with hiv (plwha), which is the ultimate goal of the presidents national hiv/aids strategy (nhas) [ 2 ]. for the plwha who do survive, the nhas urges the u.s. public health system to begin developing and implementing a single comprehensive hiv care continuum including treatment, prevention, and healthcare as well as related and social services. in support of the strategy, cdc is working with several key partners to assist communities in the u. in strengthening their hiv care systems and shifting their focus to the continuum.


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