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Eat something healthy to keep up your energy levels, like a banana or low-fat yoghurt. Avoid fatty foods, as they could make you feel sick, and steer clear of sugary foods as they'll only give you a quick hit before a slump.

Your baby is getting rather squashed up now, but should still be moving around in their usual pattern. Movements should not slow down or stop, and if they do, it could be an important sign that something is wrong.

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HOROWITZ: Well, that was one of the dangerous areas, if you like, that I had to be very, very careful about in treating this book because to suggest for a minute that Pussy Galore was a sort of a gay woman who could somehow, in inverted commas, be cured by her first relationship with a heterosexual man would, I think, be deeply, deeply offensive today. And of course it's not something which I considered to be even remotely true at all.

But, you know, what's so great about this character is that no matter who plays him - and instantly, I want to say that I think Daniel Craig is a brilliant Bond, particularly in "Casino Royale," which is probably one of my favorite of all of the Bond films - you know, everyone brings something to the party. And the character endures and changes and morphs and moves with the times.

I had been telling a group of Aboriginal mothers about some of the things that we had learned about how their children talk. The discussion had become quite animated as they recognised elements of their own speech in the examples I was giving. It was obvious that they were pleased that I regarded their way of talking as worthy of study and as something to be valued.

No. Not that. It is fiction that is harmful. When I have four months to live, I want the doctor to tell me the truth. Not the Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Loch Ness Monster, sweet fiction version. "Well, we may find something, they're working on it right now, a new procedure, cure, there's always hope."

When I returned, breathing hard, feeling reasonably virtuous, I sensed something different. An omen? In those 20 minutes, nature had performed a magic trick. A tree limb, about 16 feet long, five inches thick, had fallen 40 feet from the towering monster tree next to my house, smashed down, landing with its twisted torn tip three inches from the front window.

Note that the nice soft and slow European approach works both ways:There is as you say a requirement for consensus, but no nation is really willing to make too many concessions. So the only way out is to water down any proposed agreements until reaching something so soft that every nation is willing to agree.This means that on the one hand I do not expect any brave strong push toward transhumanism in Europe anytime soon, but on the other hand, I do not expect any fundamentalist backlash AGAINST transhumanism. Since unfortunately this could happen in the US (e.g. Kass & Co.) we may consider the nice soft and slow European approach as a useful safety net for transhumanism.

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I'm generally in favor of important music -- music that's not instantly disposable, that aspires to say something about the world we live in, that people might look to for guidance or solidarity. In practice, though, it's pretty rare when a musician aims for importance and doesn't hit bombastic or boring instead. For all his good intentions, I've never quite been able to cotton to Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst's attempts at meaningful music. While I appreciate the sentiment of, to take a well-known example, Oberst's fiery anti-Bush screed, "When the President Talks to God," the song's hectoring, indignant tone struck me as being the aural equivalent of eating vegetables. Now, with his last two albums of new material charting in the top 15 of the Billboard top 200, and the 2005 single "Lua" hitting No. 1, Oberst finds himself ready to serve his biggest audience ever. But instead of delivering the monotonous state-of-the-union address his career, and "Cassadaga" first single "Four Winds," suggested he might, Oberst has come out with a lovely, poetic country-rock album full of allusive, elliptical songs.

Even though every line on "Cassadaga" has been carefully thought out, every song is treated to a rich arrangement, and every vocal is delivered with total commitment, there's a lightness to the album that was missing from Oberst's previous work, as if he realized importance doesn't have to equate with topicality or strident emotion. I still may have run out of steam about four songs before Oberst did, but to see such a talented young songwriter learn that humble songs about love, friendship and art can matter just as much as ones about politics, hypocrisy and social injustice is to witness something wonderful.

Freedom of expression is something we often take for granted. But those freedoms online, on Twitter and on blogs, are being suppressed around as Governments very used to controlling tradtiional media struggle to keep the same level of control. We've seen social activists arrrested in Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Iran - just to name a few. 041b061a72


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