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One Piece Episode 662

How am I making sure that I provide the best possible experience for the kids that are coming into my program? But I think that parent education piece is one thing that. I really think that when I look across the sports landscape, that we, as a community need to do a better job of helping parents to understand what they should look for in a good program.

One Piece Episode 662

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This episode of The Juicebox Podcast is sponsored by the Contour Next One blood glucose meter, head over to contour next forward slash juicebox to see my favorite blood glucose meter. Today's show is also sponsored by us med A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau always provides 90 days worth of diabetes supplies, has fast free shipping and accepts over 800 private insurers. And on top of that they take pride in you receiving better service and better care than you're accustomed to getting with your current supplier. Go to us forward slash juice box to get your free benefits check or call 888-721-1514 Make us med your diabetes supplier. What episode were you on the first time?

Scott Benner 3:35Yeah, you could figure it out with needles, you could figure it out with pens, you can figure it out with a pump like it's all just watching the insulin go in and seeing what it does. It's I mean, it's great obviously to be able to adjust your basil on the fly and not have to wait 24 hours to inject the gas to try to make an improvement or change. Just real quick for people. That episode that Jeremy was on before 508 After Dark adult child of divorce you actually came on that one because you started out. Let me see if I can remember this Jeremy, this will be interesting. You weren't Oh no, I

Scott Benner 4:22second a pot. Actually. There's a lot of them here. I have one too. I searched divorce in my episodes and came back with four. No, no kidding. All right, yours is 372 about co parenting because if I'm remembering correctly, you are divorced as your child is diagnosed. And and we all get along, right? And you guys actually get along, right? And that's what you're talking about. Right? I did get a lot of impact. Impactful letters back from people where they're like, can you just interview somebody who's not getting along and how they're doing it? Yeah. And I said good. Like getting somebody who's not getting along with their ex to come on a podcast and talk about it as like people are not generally excited to divulge that kind of stuff. But I have gotten a little closer in a recent episode 625 was about divorce and disagreement and that person. Yes.

Scott Benner 8:17then like let me let me make sure because I know what you're saying. But I want to make sure we're all clear. Sure there are impacts variables all over diabetes, including the things you don't think of as being impactful. And the idea of you're getting low Oh, what do I do doing something consistent breeds a consistent response and more and more importantly allows you to move forward without crazy highs or crazy lows or things that you don't expect to happen so if you're consistent with how you bump your your low blood sugars, then you'll be consistent with what happens afterwards not just like hey this time eat an Oreo next time have a piece of chocolate cake this time yeah cuz soda like that kind of thing. Treat the yes,

Scott Benner 1:21:56Yeah. Hey, Jeremy, I have to tell you, I I know that after you talk to somebody the first time you probably Converse back and forth with them and text and things like that and takes some days and weeks probably to adjust it right down. I found myself wishing we could record every interaction you had with somebody just to see how it happens. I know we can't but yeah, it. That's the piece that's missing is that somebody like you remind people you work in a motorcycle shop. Is that right?

alright everybody, thank you so much for listening. What else should I tell you? Oh, there are many other episodes about algorithm based pumping. I have a list of them. In fact, let me tell you what they are. Now what the hell we're all here together right? What are you in a big hurry to get back to your job? Let's just listen for another second. Okay, here they are. The first episode I ever done I ever done boy. The first episode the episode. This is going well. The first the first start over. The first episode I ever did about an algorithm was looping it was episode 227 called diabetes concierge. Did one then called a loopy few months episode 252 Then episode three or four loop de loop. Episode Three Tov Fox in the loop house part one episode 313 Fox in the loop house part two, Episode 326. We talked about the mini med 670 G and an episode 420. Fox in the loop house part three. Those are with Kenny Fox, you'll love those. In episode 537. Haley came on she's a tandem pump trainer. In Episode 601, we told the story of how I started looping. In an episode called Gina made me loop. Episode 620 was an exclusive interview with on the pod CEO called exclusive on the pod five interview. And of course today, in Episode 662. Jeremy breaks down how he uses control IQ. We're going to be talking a lot more about these algorithms in the future. So if you're enjoying these, go check out the old ones. And if you just got done with this and thought I'm not get that algorithm to check out the Pro Tip series, and they will definitely help you pump without the algorithm. As a matter of fact, they'll help you pump with the algorithm too. But I'm just trying to find a way to mention some more stuff in the podcast. I think you see what's going on. Alright, thanks again for listening. Your support means everything wonderful ratings and reviews pouring in for the podcast. Downloads and streams are at an all time high. And all of that means that you are sharing the podcast with someone else and for that I cannot thank you enough. It is the most important piece about how the podcast grows.

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L'Impératrice (the empress in French) are a six-piece Parisian group serving an infectiously joyful blend of French pop, nu-disco, funk and psychedelia. Flore Benguigui's vocals are light and dreamy, yet commanding of your attention, while lyrics have a feminist touch.

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