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CES 2020: Nvidia’s New Tech Allows 360Hz Refresh Rates On Monitors [REPACK]

At this year's CES, NVIDIA along with their OEM partners are bringing new G-SYNC technologies and displays for consumers. Specifically aiming at the Esports segment, NVIDIA has revealed a brand new display technology surrounding G-SYNC which delivers new features and offers higher refresh rates than any existing monitor to help you win the game!

CES 2020: Nvidia’s New Tech Allows 360Hz Refresh Rates On Monitors

The 24.5-inch monitors will be called G-Sync Esports Displays, and will support a 360 frame-per-second refresh rate at a 1080p screen resolution. They'll support Nvidia's G-Sync technology, which can limit screen tearing and stuttering.

The two technology giants have been working together to bring forth a new crop of monitors. This new addition has a 1080p resolution and an astounding 360Hz maximum refresh rate. It is a very high-performance monitor aimed at competitive gaming. The companies claim that this monitor is in fact 50% faster than currently available 240Hz monitors.

Monitors in recent years have evolved in a significant way, improving panels and refresh rates. NVIDIA during CES 2020 in collaboration with ASUS has presented a monitor with G-Sync technology and a refresh rate of 360Hz. The ASUS RoG Swift 360Hz monitor is the most advanced monitor on the market and possibly one of the most expensive we will see. 076b4e4f54


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