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Lgalinat Ewrightc
Lgalinat Ewrightc

Candy Jar (2018)

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Despite their ongoing hostilities, they both share a common sounding board in guidance counselor Kathy (Helen Hunt). Along with a listening ear and small morsels of wisdom and advice, Kathy feeds their sweet tooth with a plethora of candy jars in her office.

Have a blast getting caught with your hand in this amazing candy jar! Made of bright white porcelain, this candy jar has a brilliant luster that makes your photos, text, and designs look spectacular. Dishwasher safe and microwave approved, your hard candy will be safe and secure in a custom candy jar from Zazzle!

Halloween is happening next week! To celebrate, the Student Service Specialists Team will be selling Halloween Candy Grams starting October 24th to October 30th. We will be coming around this Wednesday to collect orders and distributing the candy grams on Halloween Day.

Adorable and functional, these small glass candy jars are a great favor idea for a retro or vintage feel to your wedding or any celebration. With just the right combination of your favorite candies or treats and a personalized sticker or tag you can create a favor your guests will enjoy. Best part is they're cheaper by the dozen! 59ce067264


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