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One local scientist recently told NBC 7: "Once [mature female great whites] give birth, they likely start to feed on seals/sea lions again, but we [assume] mainly around the [offshore Catalina and North Channel Islands]. where a majority of the seal/sea lion population reside during the summer."

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NBC 7 reached out to the Shark Lab to see if their team was aware of any mature white sharks spotted locally, but they said they had not. Christoper Lowe, who is a professor of marine biology at CSULB, said in an email that adult white sharks "are rare off SoCal beaches, but are more common off the offshore islands (Catalina, N. Channel Islands)."

Of course, the mature sharks don't recognize any borders, which is why it may not be a surprise that a large shark was spotted north of San Diego just days after Gibbons recorded video of the large great white off La Jolla.

Again, though Outer Banks is rated for mature adults, teenagers may be fine with this one. The rating is due to violence, intensity, and language more than for sexual content. There is also significant drug usage and guns used, which can be troublesome for some teens. One way to be sure whether or not your child will be comfortable watching the show is to watch it through first by yourself to give you an idea of what to expect. Jot down a few notes so that you know what happens and when.

Amongst the many kid's cartoons, a few adult-oriented cartoons found their way to the surface. There is of course the likes of more famous animated sitcoms like "The Simpsons" and "South Park," but there are some you might not know about. Further, a lot of anime is aimed at teenagers and adults, giving us a nice little well of adult cartoons to explore. With that, CBR is giving you 16 mature cartoons that you need to check out!

One of the first and only adult cartoons that wasn't a comedy was "Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn," a series based on the popular Image character. A definite product of the '90s, "Spawn" was created by Todd McFarlane and in 1997 HBO aired an animated series for mature audiences about the demonic superhero. The series ran until 1999 and won an Emmy for outstanding animation program.

The series did not serve as a sequel to the film and followed its own while still featuring some of the same characters. The large cast of villains and allies made for some great celebrity cameos and the played-serious humor of the show made it a fun and wild ride to watch. The animation of "Black Dynamite" is worth watching it on its own as famous anime studio "Trigger" worked on the show, along with Titmouse and MOI animation.

Archer himself is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin (of "Bob's Burgers") and he is joined by fellow agent and on-and-off girlfriend Lana Kane, Cyril Figgis, Cherl Aunt, Pam Poovey, Kreiger, Ray Gillete and of course Archer's mother, Mallory Archer. Archer's missions and adventures often go awry because of Archer's ego and the fact that he never seems to take anything seriously, drinking pretty much constantly. As we said, the show already has a huge fan-base, but if you're not watching "Archer" get to it!

Another one that we're pretty sure everyone is already watching, but still deserves a lot of recognition is the Netflix original "Bojack Horseman." Boasting a rather impressive and somewhat cameo-driven voice cast, "Bojack Horseman" takes place in a world of humans and anthropomorphic animals, following Bojack Horseman, a depressed horse who used to be on a popular '90s sitcom called "Horsin' Around." While Bojack seems to live comfortably on that sweet sitcom money, he suffers from depression, narcissism and severe alcohol and drug abuse.

Taking place 50 years after season 4, Jack has not aged a day (a result of time travel). This Jack has lost his way, having given up on defeating Aku and returning home. When seven assassin sisters are sent after Jack, he must come to terms with taking his first human lives, having gotten used to killing mere machines. However, even with all this, the mature tone doesn't overpower the heart of the series and a lot of the comedy and fun action still remains, as does the beautiful animation.

This was an obvious one, everyone is watching and talking about Rick and Morty. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the show evolved from a short parodying Doc Brown and Marty McFly (it is extremely NSFW if you look it up) and follows the titular characters Rick, a super-smart scientist, and Morty, his dimwitted grandson who gets roped in on Rick's high-concept, space-faring sci-fi adventures. Along the way, Morty is often victim to strange situations, harsh life-lessons or even just his grandpa's selfishness.

The show was enormously successful and garnered another season and two comic book series almost immediately. After leaving on a cliffhanger at the end of season two, the third season premiered in place of an episode "Samurai Jack" as an April Fools joke (which didn't go over super well with "Jack" fans). "Rick and Morty" is all the sci-fi tropes you love combined with deep philosophical and immensely screwed-up situations to make an absurdly funny show with a lot of deep, gut-wrenching moments. Seriously, if you aren't watching "Rick and Morty," then you need to start right now.

The question a lot of people are asking is that the law says she has to be mature enough to make this decision, and this judge said no. But if she's not mature enough to make the decision, how is she mature enough to carry this pregnancy to term?

One is that the minor is mature enough to make the decision. In those cases, I used to ask a series of questions. Have you spoken with a trusted family member or a friend or a school counselor? Have you received information on any medical consequences that may result from both a pregnancy or an abortion? Have you spoken to the father if that father was around? Why do you feel that this is not an appropriate pregnancy to carry to term at this point in your life?

Whether you are picking a flick to watch with kids or looking for something unique to watch on your own, here are 45 fantastic children's movies that people lovers of all ages should see in their lifetime:

Why it's so good: "Big" has a larger-than-life story that's entertaining to watch, but the heart of the movie lies in its message about not growing up too soon. And it's impossible to ignore the pitch-perfect performance from Hanks.

I mainly hate the squirm factor of watching romance with my dad so I gravitate to the action/adventure side of things, where I feel like Harrison Ford is king of the watch-with-parents flick- the Indiana Jones series, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, The Fugitive, and one of my all-time faves- Six Days, Seven Nights.

I would add, The Impossible. It is the true story of the family that survived the tsunami in Thailand. Naomi watts and Ewan McGregor are amazing in their roles as always. The film is dramatic, heartbreaking but ultimately hopeful and remarkably, has a happy ending. Saw it with my dad a few months ago and we both loved it.Also for international movies, everyone should watch the persian film, A Separation. So beautiful, so real.

Some go-to movies I could watch with my parents without wanting to leave and never come back: Moonstruck, Groundhog Day, Uncle Buck, Sleepless in Seattle, Inside Man, Galaxy Quest, Moonrise Kingdom, Thor: Ragnarok.

One recent area of debate within the science of brain development is the most likely chronological age for full mental maturity, or indeed, if such an age even exists. Common claims repeated in the media since 2005 (based upon interpretations of imaging data) have commonly suggested an "end-point" of 25, referring to the prefrontal cortex as one area that is not yet fully mature at the age of 18. However, this is based on an interpretation of a brain imaging study by Jay Giedd, dating back to 2004 or 2005, where the only participants were aged up to 21 years, and Giedd assumed this maturing process would be done by the age of 25 years, whereas more recent studies show prefrontal cortex maturation continuing well past the age of 30 years, marking this interpretation as incorrect and outdated.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20]

This interactive database provides national and state-level data about the health status and behaviors of Americans as well as environmental or policy supports. Categories include breastfeeding, fruits and vegetables, physical activity, sugary drinks, television watching, and obesity/weight.

To view streams that contain mature content in your Picarto.TV app, you need to enable the "Mature Content in-App" setting in your app settings page. Go to to change it.IMPORTANT: You will then have to log OUT and back IN to see these changes.

With so many options to choose from though, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to finding Netflix's sexiest offerings. But before you go browse yourself, we've rounded up the must-watch shows that will 1000 percent leave you hot and bothered. Our list ranges from lighter, more romantic comedies like "Sex Education" to a steamy new series like "Obsession."

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