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Low Magick: It's All In Your Head ... You Just ...

I still hear your voice, calling my name,And like every new choice, it carries the promise,That we'll find our love, that we're not just like moths to flame,Already lost, moments before the storm

Low Magick: It's All in Your Head ... You Just ...

Parallel to life,there's wisdom that seems out of reach,like a figure of speech,in a maze of white lies,so elusive it's hard to recognise,with naivety's eyes.It's like running with a knife,the thought steals away with your peaceand high on that trapeze,you hold on to me,you hold on to me.

I'm in way too deep like a poserAnd falling for the dream's just the ground getting closerI guess it's how our lives get painted in scarsWith everything riding on a jokerWith the paradise syndrome strap on for spursRegret is the skin you shed just to make it this far

Chills, chills come racing down my spine like a storm on my skinWith shaking hands, I'll guide your sweet soul into mineUntil I feel you withinAnd I know, I know that it's all about understandingAm I hidden inside your beautiful soul as it's cryingFor love to conquer the day slowly dawningI want you to know you're the heart of my temple of thought

I kept the love you gave me alive, and now I carry it with meI know it's just a tear drop from mother earth, but in it I can hear a dolphin singTelling me I'll never be alone, I know you're right there

You know it isn't particularly funnyKilljoy walks in just when it's turning sunnyKilljoy lives like it's all about the moneyAll about the money, all about the moneyAll about the money, all about the money

Today, it's in the air again today, another incident that just went offNo way, this time I will not take blame, its pretty obvious who needs to shut upAshtrays filled with the fruits of our transgressions, here and there sarcasm overflowsDo stay, I'll need this sitcom to be re-run till I get the gist of just how it goes

Did I act like a fool cos I didn't know what to doWhen you gave me just a little bit more than I bargained forA little too much in my hands when my hands are tiedIt's the ultimate fling to go frolickingLicking the muck from the soles of the boots of your prideEverytime you lied

Cos when you're sleeping right next to me, I know you're the oneSo when I hear you calling my name, yeah, I know you're the oneI guess that's why it's raining diamonds, sweet happiness in tearsCrying heaven shed your diamonds, diamonds for tears

Cos when you're sleeping right next to me, I know you're the oneSo when I hear you calling my name, I know the good I've doneI guess that's why it's raining diamonds, sweet happiness in tearsCrying heaven shed your diamonds

Cos when you're sleeping right next to me, I know you're the oneSo when I hear you calling my name, I know the good I've doneI guess that's why it's raining diamonds, sweet happiness in tearsCrying heaven shed your diamonds, diamonds for tears

Scalp cooling caps (scalp hypothermia). During your chemotherapy infusions, a closely fitted cap that's cooled by chilled liquid can be placed on your head to slow blood flow to your scalp. This way, chemotherapy drugs are less likely to have an effect on your hair.

Studies of scalp cooling caps and other forms of scalp hypothermia have found they work somewhat in the majority of people who have tried them. However, the procedure also results in a very small risk of cancer recurring in your scalp, as this area doesn't receive the same dose of chemotherapy as the rest of your body. People undergoing scalp hypothermia report feeling uncomfortably cold and having headaches.

Covering your head as your hair falls out is a purely personal decision. For many people, hair is associated with personal identity and health, so they choose to maintain that look by wearing a wig. Others choose hats and scarves. Still others choose not to cover their heads at all.

Radiation therapy also attacks quickly growing cells in your body, but unlike chemotherapy, it affects only the specific area where treatment is concentrated. If you have radiation to your head, you'll likely lose the hair on your head.

Radiation therapy also affects your skin. The treatment area is likely to be red and may look sunburned or tanned. If your radiation treatment is to your head, it's a good idea to cover your head with a protective hat or scarf because your skin will be sensitive to cold and sunlight. Wigs and other hairpieces might irritate your scalp.

Narrator: Scientists believe that it's a combination of these effects that make psilocybin so useful for combating depression and addiction. When new areas in the brain start talking to each other, for example, you might have new insights into old problems. And that's why some experts describe tripping as a condensed version of talk therapy. And then dissolving your ego, Johnson says...

Narrator: But as far as scientists know, long-term use doesn't damage the brain in the way that other drugs can, and according to at least one study, it's actually the safest drug out there. In 2018, for example, just 0.3% of people who reported taking them needed medical emergency treatment, compared to 0.9% for ecstasy and 1.3% for alcohol. Taken altogether, that's why some states across the country have campaigned to decriminalize psilocybin, including Denver, which, in May of 2019, became the first ever to succeed.

Covid -19 ..was it a gimmick?Spreading from one country to another was soon graded a pandemic.Starting from a laboratory in Wuhan it became virulent in all countries,A big scare for every soul ..was initially found in people with travel history.Covering face with masks and sanitizing the hands,Became a norm for everyone but were hoping that it ends.Travel became a restriction ,no matter what was planned,It was too soon to anticipate the disaster it would shend.Quarantine and Isolation started as it spread from one individual to another,People now had become cautious as they felt it would smother.SOCIAL DISTANCING started and life came to a still ,Movie halls restaurants or malls- no one could fill,Finally, came the lockdown ,as the virus had begun to spill.Panic overwhelmed the masses as they became jobless,How would they feed their families! They were just clueless.Doctors nurses and so many warriors are still working hard for usRisking their lives as they want us to live without a fuss.The Corona scare is still on and spreading,Stay home and be safe ,the world is begging.Now that Malls, Restaurants, Religious places & hotels are open, yet control your lust,For, the virus Corona is still active & still is far away from our trust.

You all had faces, you all had names and a story that you left behind.You turned into numbers, some not even counted,just registered as figures on bar charts, line graphs and statistics.You all left friends and relatives who never got the chance to say farewell.Or even to see you before you closed your eyes on this world.

If you don't see these apps, features, and settings in Control Center, you might need to add a control and customize your Control Center settings. After you customize your settings, you should be able to access these with just a few taps.

Spatial Audio: Use Spatial Audio with AirPods Pro or AirPods Pro Max for a dynamic listening experience. Spatial Audio changes the sounds you're listening to so it seems to come from the direction of your device, even as your head or device moves.

Well, cholesterol is a fat-like, waxy substance that helps your body make cell membranes, many hormones and vitamin D. So, it's a very important component of the body's metabolism. And the cholesterol in your blood comes from two sources: the foods you eat and your liver. Your liver actually makes all the cholesterol your body needs. So, any excess cholesterol you get in your diet is on top of what your needs really are. Now, cholesterol and other fats are carried in your bloodstream as round particles called lipoproteins. And the two most commonly known lipoproteins are low density lipoproteins or LDL and high density lipoproteins or HDL. Now, you may have heard of these terms. LDL or bad cholesterol to contribute to the formation of plaque buildup in the arteries. That's called atherosclerosis. And this is linked to higher risk for heart disease and stroke. On the other hand, HDL stands for high density lipoprotein, and that's considered a good cholesterol. Now, HDL levels should be around 50 milligrams per deciliter in an individual, but you can raise your HDL by several means, including exercising for at least 30 minutes five times a week, quitting smoking, avoiding saturated fats and losing weight.

You know, certainly if you're allergic to the statin or the components of the statin medication, that will be a situation which you would want to choose an alternative medication. You mentioned about memory or dementia. Well, you know, the truth is that memory issues tend to occur in the same age group in people that take statins. So, it's really difficult to know if it's the statin or it's other factors. The initial concerns about dementia came from self reports to the Food and Drug Administration, but it turned out that many reports where people who took the drug for really one day only. So, it's unlikely that drug had had any effect whatsoever. And we do know that we have more reliable data that come from other studies, including over 20,000 people taking statins. And the result of that is that there's really no effect of statins on thinking or memory issues. And so, in general, although there are some potential side effects long-term for statins, in most cases, if your doctor has identified you as having high cholesterol and needing a statin, the risks greatly outweigh, or sorry, the benefits greatly outweigh the risks. 041b061a72


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