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Confined With Goddesses

IMPORTANT ( Animation replay will disappear from the free version starting from 0.3.3. This will be a premium feature (Patreon and future sold versions), there will still be a free version, but if you want to see the animations again, you'll have to manage it with your saves.

Confined With Goddesses

- New event: Look at the front door entrance in the afternoon, someone is here! The outcome will be different if you are in a couple with Emma or not. Repeatable. Needs everybody at Step 4.4 New animations

- Will he learn things by doing more than "discussing and observing"?- Will the girls see in the MC someone that fits them more than their own companions?- Will he even want to go back with his girlfriend at the end of the quarantine?- Or will he start another relationship with someone else?

The upcoming update and removal of unlocked and progressed free content from users that have been playing this game for over a year is not the way. I understand you adding NEWLY developed content for paid users to entice new and old players to purchase the game. That's understandable. But going back and disabling and removing something that's been free in the game is nothing short of shady. If this was written up completely different with you saying something like, "new content and future updates will be only for people who purchase the game"... "here's what you can look forward to by purchasing" etc etc etc... existing content will remain free for all players etc etc etc... people would have supported that because they respect what you've made. You may have even convinced more people to buy what's coming by putting it that way. But this way... this is just going to piss people off instead. Good thing I still have version 3.0.1 and 3.1.1. I won't update anymore

well... the saves are broken with 3.2.2. When I try to load a save from 3.1.1. and go to the animations most of them are blank. But loading the same save in 3.1.1. I can still see them all. So... I don't know why it's like this and I've tried several saves I have... the animation replays for all of them are just boxes with question marks. Also not all the saves show in 3.2.2 just blank boxes where the saves should be. I have copied and pasted all my saves from 3.1.1. I have unlocked every previous animation and scene with all girls on the older version of the game. So... I guess there's something broken

Um fuck you animation replay should stay where it is removing existing content for premium players enjoyment only is scummy and you should be embarrassed you even brought it up if i was a paying player id sue you on behalf of those that arent seriously dont go there... I agree with martinnr5 down below make some premium only content and dont take away from an already great game all players deserve access to the replay feature.... Oh and I'm still experiencing an error on Android every time I hit the scene where the MC fucks his step mom the error literally causes the game to crash and isn't allowing me to progress this needs patched now especially because its keeping me from content

Not trying to be rude, but putting content that has been free from day 1 behind a paywall without any explanation as to why is quite simply BS. There is no other way to put it as when free features become paid features, an explanation is OWED to EVERYONE such a chance effects. There is absolutely NO exception to this. Again, not trying to be rude, just saying it like it is. I truly hope you take this as the constructive criticism it's meant to be and react appropriately instead of just getting upset or angry.

Holy Damn this is some TOP TIER Ero-Game! Definitely would love to see and get more content, maybe since the "ending" sees the end of the quarantine we could get some dating in the game with a few location to take the girls. I also think it'd be nice if the online shopping and skills could get an overhaul with more to buy and better ways to improve your skills that make sense. All in all even with there being room for improvement id solidly give this game an easy 9/10! Considering that its still a work in progress, that score could easily reach a 10 for me.

Speaking of periods, curious how none of the girls is on her period. Like, ever. You could ascribe that to the usual break from reality for porn (just like anal is always possible without preparation) ... or you could ... you know ... think about what happens irl when women are on birth control. (Hint, if they are on every day prescription, they do not have their period at all for months).

Women on hormonal birth control do not have periods. If they use the placebo method, they have withdrawal bleeding in the placebo week. This is not regular period gushing out after being held in for 3 weeks. There is no retention of blood that would need to go out.

For your next game, I hope it's still in 2D. Would you add a chubby girl(s) in the game? I love chubby women. Don't see many games with chubby or bbws in them. I know they would look amazing with your art. Loving CwG and Idk who's my favorite but it's between Valerie and Berry. Can't wait to see the ending.

The blond girlfriend was a bit chubby. But it is hard to tell, with all the mega boobs. It distorts perspective. Even the smallest boobs on the blue haired girl were bigger than her head. And that puts it above the normal scales. K cup has something like 3kg and a head about 5kg.

This game (to me) is by far the greatest visual novel I've ever played due to the amazing art, and (relatively) great story. I love games that allow your character to bring themselves up with the help of others, and not just wallow in debauchery all at once with some semblance of self improvement.Now I'm just looking for games similar to this one that are 2d and I've found a grand total of none...

Goddess," the newest offering of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, is a modern fashion show with ancient underpinnings. The exhibition looks at the influence of classical dress on art and fashion over the millennia, and provides a fresh approach to the familiar theme of classicism in the arts. The show includes more than two hundred pieces--mostly clothing dating from the eighteenth century onward, as well as prints and photographs of dress designs paired with casts of ancient Greek objects such as a relief from the Temple of Zeus at Olympia. A simple diagram illustrates the basic forms of Greek dress and explains how waist cinches, shoulder harnesses, and pins and buttons gave the garments the variety from which modern designers have taken inspiration.

The visitor may be pleasantly surprised that the display is not filled with floaty white dresses in various shapes, but with cases of beautiful jewel-toned and gold-embroidered garments from dozens of the world's most famous designers--Fortuny, Yves Saint Laurent, and Madame Grés, to name a few.

Although the gallery space is dark and confined and the identifying cards fixed to the floor are hard to read, the clothing is extraordinary and the didactic panels, interwoven with clever mythical references, provide enough information to intrigue the lover of fashion and classical art alike. Curator Harold Koda's most astute observation is that the "notion of a timeless style from several millennia past has persisted not because it is unchanging, but because it has adapted to new mores and times." 041b061a72


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