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Girls Forever (681) Mp4

Lieutenant Governor Delgado: Well ok, let me gather myself. Thank you. Thank you, Lacey. Thank you. You are everything, and you matter in so many ways that go unseen in this political world that we have faithfully tied ourselves to. But our vision, our vision remains clear, and I will figure it out. We will figure it out. We will figure out a way to see it through and to let it be seen. I love you, forever and ever, amen. And that also goes for our little guys, Maxwell and Coltrane, who you all got to know. They inspire me to no end and ground me in ways only the two of them can.

Girls Forever (681) mp4

We are grieving today. We're grieving a great loss, the loss of innocence, the loss of children - little boys and little girls with sweet smiles, silly laughs, playful minds and joyful hearts. We saw that. Their whole lives were in front of them. As a parent of two eight year olds, I can't imagine, I cant. 041b061a72


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