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Lgalinat Ewrightc
Lgalinat Ewrightc

BONEY M-WE KILL THE WORLD (Don't Kill The World) Killer Mix

BONEY M-WE KILL THE WORLD (Don't Kill The World) Killer Mix :::

We kill the world, kill the worldWe surely do, in pieces we do,We kill the world, kill the world'Cause we don't know what we are doingWe kill the world, kill the worldWe surely do, in pieces we do,We kill the world!

Bonnie and Damon found themselves back in Mystic Falls. However, they were forced to repeat the same day, May 10, 1994, over and over. Though Damon retained his vampiric abilities, Bonnie was unable to perform magic. Eventually, they learn that this world is inhabited by another, Malachai Parker. When Kai attempts to kill Damon, Bonnie arrived just in time and regained her magic at the prospect of losing the only friend. Bonnie learns that she, rather her blood, is the key to free themselves from the prison world, using a Gemini artifact, called the Ascendant. Sacrificing herself, she sends Damon back to the mortal plane and is forced to endure Kai's torturous pursuit until she's left alone in the prison world without her magic. Reminded by her friends, she travels to Novia Scotia and retrieves Qetsiyah's calcified blood and reclaimed her own magic, freeing herself from the prison world. Her experience with Kai and her time in the prison world, however, drastically changes her. She decides to puts herself first but continues to suffer signs of PTSD, such as being unable to adjust to other people. With time, Bonnie falls back into her old life, but not before imprisoning Kai in the 1903 Prison World. However, he escapes as had Bonnie did, an links her life to Elena's. As long as Bonnie was alive, Elena would be forced to slumber in a magical coma.

When Bonnie is reunited with Damon on the island, they both return to Mystic Falls where Bonnie explains Silas' plan. Silas, as Shane, had told her that the Other Side was purgatory for supernaturals created by Qetsiyah. She had intended on Silas taking the cure and ending up on Other Side with her for all eternity. Bonnie told Elena, Caroline, and Matt that she needed to complete the Expression triangle to gain enough power to drop the Veil between the living world and the Other Side, causing all supernatural creatures to return; allowing everyone to reunite with everyone that they have ever lost but also the enemies they have killed over the years.

Outside, Lexi is waiting on Bonnie, who immediately starts telling her to come through. Lexi though figures out that Bonnie is dying so she decides not to pass through because then Bonnie would die before Stefan could get his brother back. Markos suddenly appears and tries to get to Bonnie, but Lexi fights him off into the oblivion and so finds peace, with Bonnie watching her. Damon and Alaric arrive quickly after and Alaric is the first to pass through Bonnie. At the same time, Luke stops Liv's spell due to it killing her which leaves Damon trapped in death. As Bonnie tells Elena that Damon is dead for good,she breaks down. Later, Bonnie is seen finally calling Jeremy and telling him the truth about the other side as well as her death.He starts running towards the woods, yelling her name out loud. As the gang all come together in front of the cemetery, they hear Jeremy and then all of them see Bonnie in the distance realizing she is about to die with the other side. Just then, Bonnie looses her foothold in the physical world and flashes to the other side, where the dimension is in it's final seconds. White lights begin poking through the dimension's walls and Damon walks up from behind her. They hold hands together as the Other Side collapses around them. They're engulfed in a bright white light, leaving their final fate unknown.

Damon enters the store once more to get a drink and hears chips crunching somewhere, Damon follows his ears to a guy sitting on a chair inside the store, eating Pork Rinds. He introduces himself as "Kai". Kai tells him that his "bickering" with Bonnie's boring and reveals that he's been following them and he's seen Damon drive Bonnie away 13 times in an argument. After a couple of typical threat


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