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Don T Buy Iphone X

It just happened to me since a week agoand found this discussion here and did what been told here and the nfc still not working on my iphone 12.tried reboot several times and still not working.Tried to remember what i did before the nfc not wroking and then i remebered that week ago i activated the air drop to transfer some pucture to my friend, so it still active then i disable it.. and finally.. the nfc is working like before ?? glad to find it. Then i tried to activate the air drop again.. and the nfc still active. Is it a bug ?

don t buy iphone x

Hmmm. The corners are what's weird to me. That combined with the notch screws with every kind of content. It's even weirder in your posted screen shots that have squared corners. The real screen data is there but being hidden. It's like 20% of pictures, video, or games is always missing. I know it let's you resize it to a much smaller size to display the native content. Did you do that much or did you just leave it cropped? After handling it I've taken to calling it the zune of iphones because of its squarqule design. ?

I just took my daughter to At&t yesterday to upgrade her ancient iPhone 5s. We picked up the 256gb space gray iPhone X. This was singlehandedly the most expensive single consumer electronics purchase I have ever made period. $1200 for a phone that doesn't have pc capability is crazy! Having said that, I have to say it's an impressive piece of hardware. I despise Apple with every fiber of my being, but would get this device for myself if it had a bigger screen and could run Windows (not iphone pro as bolting on one ecosystem to another through apps isn't the way to do things) just like running windows on a mac. If smartphones are the new "pc" wth can't we do this yet? 041b061a72


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